Dony Cheng Hung (b.1993, Hong Kong) is currently completing a Master of Fine Arts degree at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (expected graduation in August 2023). She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Major in Fine Arts) in 2017. Cheng currently lives and works in Hong Kong.

Frequently inspired by human landscapes and alienating experiences in the city, Dony forges poetic, imaginative, and enigmatic universes in charcoal and acrylic, with occasional forays into animation and installation. Her artworks break down the dichotomy of natural and artificial, capturing the perpetual dialogue and mutual confluence between mental states and external surroundings.

The spaces and details look surreal and purely imaginative in Cheng’s works, but they are all drawn from real life and places that the artist frequents or observes daily. Yet the familiar details in the real world, such as the forms of buildings, signs, objects, material textures, etc. They are all erased from the painting so that the pictorial world becomes an abstract, dematerialized static space. Cheng explores the connection between people in the modernized city. She often imagines how people would behave when modernized cities were not yet formed, and human was the untouched nature. She thinks humans are natural beings but living unnaturally in the city, and that creates an intersubjective emotion in people, which Cheng is interested to explore.