The Story of SC Gallery

Located in the Southern district, which is the most vibrant art hub of Hong Kong, SC Gallery is a dynamic space dedicated to showcasing the works of Hong Kong contemporary artists who are making waves in the city's thriving art scene. Led by its director, Sharon Cheung Po-Wah, a renowned veteran Hong Kong journalist with a keen eye for talent, SC Gallery strives to push the boundaries of artistic expression and provide a platform for emerging and established artists alike.

Sharon believes that art knows no bounds, and as such, the gallery's curation encompasses a wide spectrum of artistic styles and backgrounds. From abstract printers who challenge conventional norms to realism artists who capture the essence of everyday life, SC Gallery presents a captivating tapestry of artistic visions that reflect the multifaceted nature of contemporary Hong Kong.
Through its meticulously curated exhibitions, SC Gallery weaves together a tapestry of artistic narratives that delve into the essence of Hong Kong's identity, local art history, people and society, and the environment. Each showcase is thoughtfully designed to not only captivate the senses but also stimulate intellectual curiosity that resonate with the audience on a deeper level. By exploring themes that are rooted in the unique cultural fabric of Hong Kong, such as the city's complex history, its diverse communities, and its ever-changing urban landscape, SC Gallery provides a platform for artists to engage in meaningful dialogues with its viewers.

SC Gallery dedicates to nurturing local talents and actively supports emerging artists. By fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, the gallery serves as a catalyst for creativity, providing artists with the resources and exposure they need in order to thrive. As part of its commitment to promoting artists on an international stage, SC Gallery also showcases its works at international art fairs, offering them valuable opportunities for global recognition and success.