To (b.1994, Hong Kong) first obtained his Higher Diploma in Fine Art Programme (Photography & Ceramics) from the Hong Kong Art School. After graduating from his Higher Diploma, he continued his studies in the HKAS and obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Ceramics) in 2021.

To draws inspiration from prehistoric and early civilization art. Ancient people gained intellectual and spiritual enlightenment from nature, developed religious myths, and transformed their deepest desires and fantasies into tangible objects through the creation of totems and sculptures. To select materials from science fiction genres such as anime, tokusatsu, and movies, and create counterfeit historical artifacts based on the characters and props. His works resemble archaeological discoveries of the present era as imagined by people from a thousand years in the future.

His solo exhibitions include “Dimensional Civilization Archeology Project: The Temple Hidden In Infinite Dimensions” (Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, 2023), “Dimensional Civilization Archeology Project 2.0” (Art Basel Hong Kong, Para Site, 2022), “ARCHAEOLOGY IN RPG vol.1” (Yrellag Gallery, 2021). Group exhibitions include “Aquarius: The Jar of Pandora” (ZtoryTeller, 2024), “The Mimicry of Ceramics: Archaeology, Candlelight and Landscape” (Chin Chin Pottery, 2023), A Guide to Fragmented Spaces (Gallery Exit, 2023), “Marginal Notes” (Hong Kong Art Development Centre UG Showcase, 2023), “Fancied” (Touch Gallery, 2022), “38.4” (1999 Art Space x Wure Area, 2022).