Ann Ng’s paintings interlock various sceneries and objects, which are drawn from the memories of her family history and traveling experience. From her hometown to numerous strange cities, her painting shows a sense of anonymity, diaspora and disconnection with nature. In her recent works, the landscape between city boundaries has become the theme of her creation. She uses historical painting materials and techniques to present the settlement statues of both humans and nature.

To Ann, painting is a process of accumulation and sedimentation of substances, which echoes the formation of land. Ann Ng was born in Mainland China in 1991 and moved to Hong Kong when she was 8 years old. In 2015, she received her B.A from Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University and attained the “Western Painting Young Talent Award” in the same year. In 2018, she had her artist residency at Tenjinyama Art Studio, Sapporo. In 2019, she moved her studio to Shenzhen to experience the life of the migrant workers. Now she lives and works in Hong Kong. Selected group exhibitions include JCCAC, Hong Kong (2020); Hong Kong Art Center, Hong Kong (2019); Tenjinyama Art Studio, Sapporo (2018); Hidden Space, Hong Kong (2018); Blank Black, Kaohsiung (2018); Pier-2, Kaohsiung (2018); Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin (2016); Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong (2015); and Fringe Club, Hong Kong (2014).