Born and raised in Hong Kong, Nobody Here received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) (2008), before working in design for nearly a decade. Her experience in commercial advertising has provided her with an insider perspective on the superficiality rooted in culture and society, where looking nice often matters more than being real. Drawing on a wide range of cultural inspirations – from Yukio Mishima’s novels to Stephen Chow’s comedies – she examines contrasting ideas like disguise and reality, beauty and ugliness, creation and destruction, resulting in a critical commentary of their influence on the human psyche.

Nobody Here has developed her characteristic painting style that combines subtle, muted colors and reduced forms. Inspired by Claude Monet and Mark Rothko, she applies thin layers of paint repeatedly with nuance and complexity, while her simple, minimalistic shapes take influence from British painter William Scott. However, the faces of her subjects belie the associations from her influences. Often marked with a sinister smile and scorched eyes, which the artist achieves by burning the canvas, the faces suggest a cognizant cynicism, one that brings her oeuvre steadily into the 21st Century.