Tao borns in 1996 in Hong Kong. He currently lives and works in Hong Kong. Tao received his Master’s degree(2022) and a Bachelor’s degree(2018) in Fine Arts from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. During his studies, he studied and exchanged in Beijing and Taiwan. Tao is also the Founder and Project Director of a Hong Kong Mural and Art Company “Artisan Dream”. His major exhibitions include “ISOLATION – Tao Hoi Chuen Solo Exhibition in Art Basel 2022” and “Holiday – Tao Hoi Chuen”. Other solo exhibitions including “FADE (Xu Zhi)” – MFA Graduation Exhibition – Solo Exhibition of Tao Hoi Chuen, CUHK 2022, “That’s it” – Tao Hoi Chuen, Ink Asia 2018, “Épochè” – Tao Hoi Chuen, New Asia College Ch ‘ien Mu Library, NA College, CUHK 2017, etc.

Tao’s visual research is divided into two main directions: firstly, he studies the relationship and effect of the transformation between images and the flat space of Gongbi Figurative painting, including the use of panoramic photography, image collage to respond to the spatial aesthetics of scrolls, and the application of Jiè huà(draw lines with the aid of a ruler) in contemporary Gongbi painting. Secondly, he researches the creation of “composite space”. In reference to the traditional landscape painting space, Tao’s work uses flexible composition to transform and recombine different points of view, and the use of screens in figure painting to construct a multiple image space within a painting. Tao’s traditional approach responds to new creative themes and compositional expressions and conveys contemporary life experiences and feelings in the pictorial exploration of contemporary scenery.

Tao has been participated in various of art fairs, auctions and exhibitions. Tao was nominated for Professor Mayching Kao Fine Arts Fund, Peter Curzon Oram Charitable Trust Scholarship and Talent Development Scholarship, HKSAR Government on 2022; Y.S. Hui Fine Arts Award, Wucius Wong New Ink Art Award, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Creative Award and Hong Kong Chinese Meticulous Painting Association Creative Award etc.