SC Gallery is proud to present one of the most exciting exhibitions this year: a collaboration between Chow Chun Fai and Sharon Cheung – an identity exchange between interviewer and interviewee!

Let’s see how this collaboration sparks!

Chow is a renowned local visual artist, while Sharon was a veteran Hong Kong journalist, she started her career with the South China Morning Post in the 90’s reporting news centred around politics. In this exhibition, Chow interviewed Sharon for her past experience in journalism, and a year of discussions and research by Chow himself, we are pleased to present a series of story about Hong Kong, which we are all familiar with.

As the chief commander of the exhibition, Chow perceives the past from a different perspective: for instance, in view of a snapshot of Sino-US negotiations in the early year 2000, he invites audiences to peek through leaders’ postures and carpets in the conference. As for the success of the Beijing Olympics, he selects a scene from the TV news at 4 a.m., illustrating how general mass got updates from Tiananmen Square before the Internet was being widely used.

Sharon provided the first-hand news sources which included all the news images, background information to the artists; of which are interviewed and collected by Sharon herself. Chow re- edited and rearranged them through both wide shots and close-ups. While some scenes and characters are being taken away, others are being emphasized. Those news images are part of our history, irreplaceable, and cannot be forgotten. They are like movies appearing vividly to audience again.

In journalism, which shots to be preserved, which are faded out, are meant to convey messages. In art, the same material re-edited from a new angle, will transform the old news into a new perspective.