This time SCG brings together two artists, Dony Cheng and Li Ning, for a joint exhibition. Cheng and Li are good friends.

Dony Cheng is well-versed in observing all types of shapes and lights in the city structure. She falls into deep thoughts about the neighborhood, and the relationships between “light” and “space”. She loves to find inspirations in her daily life. Whenever she walks the streets and alleys she would photograph whatever that touches her heart. She deliberately cleans her surroundings and allows her spectators to enter a certain place or space when they enter her works. They will see shiny objects, one after another. The objects might be the lights of the city or perhaps lights from the nature. It is an unknown space.

Dony describes her creation as “deduction”. She loves to cut off extra scenes from what she sees. What she sees is a perhaps bland-new but unreal picture/space that allows time and peace to stop.

Opposite to Dony, Li Ning’s works inherits strong sense of story-telling. His creations and compositions are full of metaphors and symbols. His style of works carries his personal life and elements of mythologies and legends. The artist’s works, since his graduation exhibition in 2019, depends on this invented world of his. The works of his exhibition emphasizes on the narratives among his creations. The creatures and roles in this exhibition express themselves in solid forms.

Li Ning and Dony Cheng build their space with the style of plus and minus. They believe that these spaces are closely linked. “Meet you there” allows these two artists to date their audiences and meet one another in their own interchangeable spaces.