Art Salon: Art and Film

26 November, 2022

Art and film are inextricably linked, both employing masterful techniques to create an incredible aesthetic, tell fascinating stories and evoke powerful emotions. It therefore comes as no surprise that film directors choose to pay homage to the world’s greatest art masterpieces. Whether it be through a character, location or even a near-identical cinematic recreation, the references directors make to an artwork can be subtle or totally unmistakeable! The 1981 film Pennies from Heaven directed by Herbert Ross features a movie scene that bears a powerfully distinct likeness to Edward Hopper’s 1942 painting Nighthawks.

The Shining based on the novel by Stephen King is known for its iconic identical twins. The original was from Diana Arbus , she is known for her photographs of people considered to be outsiders or unusual. One such example is this iconic photograph taken in 1967 of Cathleen et Colleen Wade, a pair of 7 year old twins.

In the art history, art movements have huge impacts on mass media, one of those is surrealism. SCG’s art salon in November, we are going to explore further the relationship between art and film . How can young artists transform themselves from one to another?、