Art Salon: Will AI art replace artists?

29 May, 2023

While AI has shown impressive abilities in generating images, music, and even literature, there are many discussion about how far AI can go in the art arena, especially when here are already examples of AI-generated artwork that have been exhibited in galleries and museums, will it replace artists entirely?

Art is not just about creating something aesthetically pleasing, it is about expressing emotions, ideas, and experiences that are unique to the artist, such as personal beliefs and values. Is human art totally free from the threat of AI ? Or, AI can still play a valuable role in the creation of art? For example, AI can be used as a tool to assist human artists in the creative process, helping them to generate new ideas or experiment with different styles and techniques?

In the coming art salon , SCG has invited the renowned sculptor Rosan Li ; Chinese Gongpi artist Jacky Tao and writer Miha to have a panel discussion with our audience the impact of AI in the art industry.