Jeremy Fung (b. 1990) graduated from the Art Faculty at RMIT in 2014, and later received his Master of Fine Arts degree in the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2016.

Fung has a deep interest in the intersection of nature and imagination within the abstract landscape genre. By presenting artworks that blend the organic forms of the natural world with the artist’s imaginative interpretations, he aims to provoke a dialogue about the interplay between external reality and internal vision. This exploration encourages viewers to reflect on the transformative potential of art and the ways in which landscapes can evoke personal and collective narratives.

Fung is considered as one of the most favoured young rising artists by collectors. He has participated in various local and overseas exhibitions and art fairs. His selected solo exhibitions include: “Fibrillation”, SC Gallery, Hong Kong, 2023; “Never Forgets”, Gallery by the Harbour • Harbour City, Hong Kong, 2021. His selected group exhibitions include : “The City Never Sleeps”, Abu Dhabi Art Fair, SC Gallery, 2023; “Inhale Courage”, JPS Gallery Paris, France, 2023; “The Collectors’ Choice Art Exhibition“, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong, 2023; “The Collectible Art Fair”, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Art School, Hong Kong, 2023; “Where great minds shine – CUHK 60th Anniversary Alumni Art Exhibition” , M+, 2023; “The Abnormal State”, SC Gallery, Hong Kong, 2022; “DOOR”, the SHOPHOUSE, Hong Kong, 2021; Artist residency and joint exhibition: “1+1”, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong, 2021.

Fung was the winner of the 2014 Australia China Arts Foundation Award. His works are widely collected by both private collectors and corporations, such as Sun Hung Kai properties and Michelin-star Restaurant “The Chairman”. The Royal Family of Abu Dhabi and award winning art director William Chang Suk Ping are his patrons as well.