“Sketching and speedwriting are all about immediacy. Our feelings will be different and irregular in every moment, and the act of sketching is to grasp the irregular rhythm and unpredictable emotions at that moment.”  Jeremy Fung said. 

Jeremy begins the habit of speedwriting and taking notes and recording intriguing things in sketches since his secondary school period. Most of Jeremy’s subsequent works are based on his notes, especially the random doodles on them. Words or those unconscious pencil traces and sketches are the unique and secret codes of the artist, he transfers them onto the wooden board, and then reinterpreted them on the woodcut with the intuition of the immediate perception forthwith.

Compared to painting on canvas, Jeremy is much fascinated by wood carving, especially the sharp edges shown by knives when carving on the surface of wood boards, and the natural layering of wooden clothes. The delicate picture of the thick and thin lines intertwined on the wood appeals to Jeremy a lot. The artist carved/painted his emotions and memories on the wooden board in an abstract form, and this has become his unique personal emotional diary.

“ I think both sketching and speedwriting are about feeling and cognition of different things, the more appeal you are with a specific object, the smoother the direction of brush strokes will be.” he said. 

The lines on Jeremy’s woodcuts are very tense, which is the expression of the artist’s strength and confidence. The lines are very neat from the start to the end, without any hesitation. This not only shows the artist’s proficiency in skills but also shows the artist’s uniqueness in objects. The mastery of it is already completely handy.

“The expression and interaction of lines and woodcuts show much pure power and tension, which allows me to immerse myself through it and explore the intensive emotions from the inner self” he said.