Sharon Cheung Po-Wah is a veteran Hong Kong journalist, she obtained her BA degree of  Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Cheung is also fellow of the Reuters Institute for Journalism at the University of Oxford, as well as the  founder of “Lion Rock Fellowship” at the University of Oxford.  In 2022, Cheung received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) at Royal Melbourne Institute  of Technology (RMIT), graduated with first class honors. She also received the Dean List  Award and the Boon Lee Award. Cheung is director of a local gallery, SC gallery.

Cheung’s solo exhibitions include 2016「色繪。女人世界 」at the Gallery by the Harbour,  2019 「一點點的美好」at Wheelock Lounge. Group exhibition included 2022 ‘Who we  know and we don’t know’ at the am space. Cheung also curated exhibitions for young  talented artist, she curated a solo exhibition「物有所思」for local artist Jeremy Fung in 2021.