Humans are like paintings, especially portraits that reflect people’s faces. The sketches or engravings of people’s faces have occupied an important place in art history.

Human faces are vital parts and positions in sending and receiving messages. The portraits’ expressions can provide us hints about the art works. These include feelings and thoughts that artists are trying to convey, human relations and even the ambience in which the artists have lived.

Artist Sharon Cheung started her career as a journalist. She is a veteran media person. She has sharp insights about the Hong Kong society. This list of 51 portraits of hers was completed between 2020 and 2022. During this period Hong Kong and other parts of the world were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Human lives are under severe threats. Moreover, the political atmosphere worldwide has become more complex and tense, thanks to the pandemic. Hong Kong can’t stay aloof or immune
from it.

Artist Sharon Cheung takes her close friends as objects in her portrait-painting. They come from different walks of life in Hong Kong. Sharon Cheung believes that only concretization can express the impulsiveness of one’s feelings. Through the distortion of the human faces the artist aims at presenting the true picture of moods and emotions. Therefore, these 51 portraits either distort the faces or demolish their original structures. Sharon believes that through the distorted portraits people’s emotions, anxieties, uneasiness and fears are revealed in a changing society.