THE LOOP HK|8 Hong Kong artists you don’t want to miss this March|Mar 15 2023

15 March, 2023

By Michelle Chan

8 Hong Kong artists you don’t want to miss this March

This Art Month, the last thing you want to miss out on will be… well, art. We have curated a list of 8 Hong Kong artists you’d want to know about, just in time for the occasion.

littoral_hyacinth in You’ll Never Know What’s on my Mind

Local illustrator littoral_hyacinth explores communication and emotions in their solo exhibition You’ll Never Know What’s on my Mind, approaching these sensitive subjects with equally comforting characters and brushstrokes. Though drenched in soothing pastel colors, the sentimental undertone of each piece of artwork strongly persists to provoke your self-reflection.

When? March 1 – 31 (closed on Mondays); 11am – 6pm

Where? Whatever Coffee, Shop B, G/F 172-174 Tai Nam Street, Sham Shui Po

Learn more about the exhibition here.

Kan Tai Wong in Diana & The Queen’s

Veteran photographer Kan Tai Wong witnessed many significant moments of Hong Kong and neighboring regions not only through his eyes but also through his lens. His ongoing exhibition closes in on photographs from his publications The Queen’s and Diana Hong Kong 2014, giving us a glimpse into snippets of collective memories from eras far and close.

When? March 3 – 31 (closed on Mondays); 11am – 7pm

Where? Artellex, Unit 204A, 2/F, Sun Cheong Industrial Building, 2-4 Cheung Yee Street, Cheung Sha Wan

Learn more about the exhibition here.

Fung Mang Chung, Jeremy in Fibrillation

In Fibrillation, homegrown artist Jeremy Fung showcases his unique style inspired by speedwriting and wood carving. Combining the rhythm and unpredictability of the former with the raw power and tension of the latter, the creations before us are stark contrasts between intuition and meticulousness; and reality and the abstract.

When? March 1 – April 1; 12pm – 6:30pm

Where? SC Gallery, 1902, Sungib Industrial Centre, 53 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang

Learn more about the exhibition here.

LOKKI in The Broken Pieces 2.8/5

The Broken Pieces 2.8/5 will be your immersive introduction to LOKKI’s surrealist realm of dark imaginations, where intuitive lines, shading and mix of medium bring the artist’s emotional exploration to life. In LOKKI’s first solo exhibition, you will be greeted by 50 portraits alongside 10 titles inspired by Hong Kong pop music, each tells you a tale of psychological horror.

When? March 25 – April 3; 12pm – 9pm

Where? G/F, 52-60 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

RSVP for the Mar 24 opening reception here.

Aries Wu in Garden Song

Beamingly serving as your daily dose of “Life is beautiful” affirmation, Aries Wu’s vibrant repertoire of paintings depicts the allure of nature faithfully, with just the right touch of surrealist whimsy sprinkled in. Sing along with the Garden Song, in which we appreciate vitality and recognize the importance of living life wearing rose-tinted glasses where it matters.

When? March 14 – April 8 (closed on Mondays); 12pm – 7pm

Where? Touch Gallery, Shop 202, 1-2/F, Block 3 Barrack Block, Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central

Learn more about the exhibition here.

Ticko Liu in Art Central

Ticko Liu is here to throw everything you know about landscape paintings out the window, respectfully. Taking the place of subdued colors and dramatic lighting contrast are distinct colorblocks and bright lines you can tell apart from miles away. If his humorous, distinctive works have captured your attention, you would certainly like what he has to say at the upcoming Making Your Name: The Trajectory of Contemporary Artists talk.

When? March 22 – 25; 12pm – 7pm

Where? Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai

Learn more about Ticko Liu’s Art Central talk here.

Sammi Mak in Duk Dak 2023, Art Central

Romantic and nostalgic, Sammi Mak’s artworks are veiled in abstract constructs and ethereal colors as visual representations of how we perceive memories. A poet whose quill releases care-free brushstrokes instead of honeyed words, this homegrown artist showcases her talents at Art Central under the Duk Dak solo presentation.

When? March 22 – 25; 12pm – 7pm

Where? Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai

View more of Sammi Mark’s works here.

Bao Ho in K11 MUSEA Art Karnival

Mural artist Bao Ho is all about navigating the dichotomy of “dark” and “cute”, as there is always two sides to the same story, no matter how perfect or twisted they are. With colorful, wall-sized footprints all across the city, Bao Ho shows you how the streets of Hong Kong become her studio at the K11 MUSEA Art Karnival. Don’t miss it.

When? Mar 20 – May 14

Learn more about K11 MUSEA Art Karnival here.