Does 2023 has any special meaning to you?

Most of the time, our lives are like plain water, it is colorless and tasteless, yet we cannot do without it. Days pass by in this mundane and repetitive manner, day after day, year after year.

In this duo exhibition, the two artists Cheng Ting Ting and Lau Yin Yeung have revealed their current status: a state of waiting for something to happen in an unknown future. The state of waiting can be calm or filled with loneliness and solitude. This state can be anxious or agonizing. Nevertheless waiting can also be sort of beauty that fills us with tenderness and longing. The act of waiting also gives us a wonderful anticipation of the future.

A year ago, Cheng finished her study in Europe and returned to Hong Kong. She feels that both she and Hong Kong, where she resides, are in a state of waiting. After the massive social movements a few years ago, Hong Kong has now settled down and people are continuing with their daily lives as if nothing has happened. But what are these phenomena? Are they settling or fermenting?

Everyone’s life is a process of waiting, during which we experience ups and downs, happiness and hardships. Perhaps what we are waiting for will quietly arrive on a morning when we wake up from a dream.

Before arrival, let us all keep waiting with a calm and fearless heart.