Lau was born in 1993 in Hong Kong. He received a bachelor’s degree major in printing from RMIT University and Hong Kong Art School in 2017.

Lau’s creative perspective revolves around his observations and feelings towards the streets and alleys of Hong Kong. Using oil painting as a medium, he records the scenery of his rurales walks on canvas. Natural landscapes and artificial objects appear simultaneously in Lau’s creations, creating a balanced state that brings a peaceful and spiritual space to the busy city. It is a place where viewers can pause and empty their minds.

Lau was invited to participate in various group exhibitions, including “The Collectors’ Choice Art Exhibition” (Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2023), “The Sunshine Is Still There” (SC Gallery, 2022), “Rhythm” (Touch Gallery, 2022)”, “So I say, “it’s a landscape painting.” (The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School,2021), “By The Window” (1a space, 2019), “An On-going Balance of Insecurity” (Gallery Exit, 2018), “Deep Silence” (Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2017) and “Fresh Trend Art Graduation Exhibition” (K11 Art Space, 2017).