Curator : Chan Sai Lok

The last two years have been a time to remember. Not perhaps for the best reasons we might want, but notable anyway as an indicator of stress on an international level.

The world has experienced a new wave of social and political instability in 2022. Wars, pandemic, sanctions, natural disasters have stirred up social and economic turmoil.

But, we are still seeing and hearing lessons in courage beyond almost anything we can comprehend in modern times. Therefore, SC Gallery presents “The Sunshine is still there” inviting six local young and emerging artists to express their feelings and interpretations of theme.

Yau Kwok Keung, after experiencing ups and downs, he believes light does not necessarily symbolize hope, it might be a false hope / dangerous trap sometimes. Just like insects flying to the fluorescent light bulbs, which has a high voltage mental grid killing these insects.

Tobe Kan’s works explore autobiographical experience and mental states, she admires the vitality of street plants. Street plants flourish under sunlight regardless of the vulnerable and annoying environment. Their shapes may be distorted, but they survive!

Ho Sin Tung plays with dictionary. She believes that the word ‘sunshine’ contains a much profound insight than its literal meaning of hope and brightness. Her practice though is complicated, her works could be interpreted in several layers.

Chan Wai Lap, a swimming lover, he believes everyone needs sunshine to survive but we are also trying hard to avoid it. He collects a lot of miniatures, such as mini swimming pools, sunglasses, sun blocks, mini plants… he tries to create a series of new artworks by putting these little things and his drawings together through collage, demonstrating the “love and hate” relationship between you the sun.

Lau Yin Yeung, a Buddhist practitioner, and Frank Tang who specialises Chinese ink painting, they would rather adopt a philosophically attitude to face different chaotic situations. They believe that a peaceful and meditative mind is crucial to handle all situations in life.