Ho was born and currently living in Hong Kong. She graduated from the Fine Arts Department in the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2018. Ho imagines and participates in the world through researching it. She regards research as a method to lost oneself steadily. Navigating through the texts and materials, Ho encounters punctum that haunts her. Those could not be named thus transformed into works.

She held solo exhibitions such as “Swampland” (Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong, 2020), “Maybe They Will Die For Us Tomorrow” (Oil!, Hong Kong, 2017), “Dusty Landscape” (Chambers Fine Art, Beijing, 2016) etc. She also participated in group exhibitions such as “Post Human Narratives: Co-Existing Land ” (Cattle Depot, Hong Kong, 2021) and “The space between the words are almost infinite” (Gallery EXIT, Hong

Kong Hong Kong, 2020) etc. She was awarded Hong Kong Arts Development Award 2012 – Award for Young Artist (Hong Kong Arts Development Council) and Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award 2012 (Hong Kong Museum of Art) in 2012.

Apart from drawing, installation and video, Ho also regards writing as one of her essential practice. Her translations, reviews and fictions are published in various medias and literal magazines. She is one of the co-founder of alternative space POWWOW – it is a base for cultural practitioners from all fields to exercise, play, mingle, and learn to care for both their body and mind. It seeks to bring various artistic communities together through sports (especially martial arts) and fun, and to become an agglomerating point for creative spirits to collide in informal yet structured frameworks.