Art Salon: Waiting

08 August, 2023

Waiting and art can be intertwined in many ways. Waiting can be a source of inspiration for art. In many ways, art is about capturing life’s moments and experiences, and waiting is a universal experience that everyone can relate to. The emotions and thoughts that arise during moments of waiting can be rich and complex, and artists often use these feelings to create works that resonate deeply with audiences.

Waiting can also be a central element in visual art, such as in the work of Edward Hopper, whose paintings often depict people waiting in silent contemplation.

 In some cases, waiting can even become part of the art itself. For example, performance artist Marina Abramović’s famous piece “The Artist is Present” involved her simply sitting in a chair and staring into the eyes of visitors to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The piece lasted for several months, and visitors often waited in line for hours for the chance to participate.

What is “waiting “meant to Cheng Ting Ting @ninetrolls and Lau Yin Yeung @lau_yin_yeung who use this concept to create their duo show “ Before Arrival’?

In the coming salon, we will have Ms Sarah Luk @sarah_luk_art  to join our panel of discussion.